What is MakeMUD?

MakeMUD is a "just add water" range of all-natural sensory play products for children, made with real mud.

At Muddly Puddly Laboratory, we love making mud in our backyard, adding water to soil to for nature play. We hope our MakeMUD products recreate that experience. 

Make your own soft, warm and muddy playdough

We don't just like playing with playdough, slimes and potions, we like MAKING it.

MakeMUD allows you to easily your whip up your own muddy creations, just by adding water.

There is nothing like a warm batch of freshly kneaded playdough or snotty slime, filled with muddy goodness! 

The benefits of sensory play

Our natural MakeMUD products provide wonderfully tactile and sensory play experiences, supporting cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, scientific thinking and problem solving skills, language development, mindfulness, and creativity.

Add your own colours, fragrance, textures

Our MakeMUD products do not contain added colours or fragrance. But, we love encouraging experimentation. Try adding your own colours and fragrance to the water before mixing it with a small sample of MakeMUD, and see what happens!

You could also experiment with adding your own dried petals, bioglitter, herbs, spices... with MakeMUD, you are the creator! 

A "clean" way to play with mud

Although we love nothing better than getting dirty outside in the mud, rain and sunshine, we understand this may not suit everyone. We are often contacted by parents and educators with concerns about the biological and chemical content of their soil, or who just don't have access to natural playspaces.

This prompted us to develop the MakeMUD range of organic soil-based products, fully sterilised through heat treatment to eliminate all live matter.

Suitable for indoors or outdoors, MakeMUD allows many more children to play with the rich earthiness of real mud.

Compostable packaging

Environmental sustainability is a big priority at Muddly Puddly Laboratory. Our MakeMUD products are packaged in 100% compostable ziplock pouches, and posted in compostable mail carriers or cardboard boxes.

Rather than our purchasing glass jars that may increase carbon emissions through manufacture and heavier freight weight, we encourage you to reuse your own existing containers at home for storage.

Less food waste

One of the reasons we first started making mud playdough was to avoid using the large amounts of flour needed to make normal playdough. So much of the earth is used up to grow food for humans, and one of the most important ways of sustainable living (and checking our privilege) is to minimise food waste.

MakeMUD Playdough Powder is at least 60% soil or sand, reducing the need for flour by over half. The flour we do use is certified organic, which hopefully supports farming practices that are kinder to the planet.